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Unreleased Pet Shop Boys

Does anyone know where i can download any of the following songs

A Little Black Dress
A Powerful Friend
Beautiful Beast
Before My Time
Bright Young Things
Buggered If I Know
Can I Be The One
Climb Every Mountain
Common Problems*
Diddly Squat
Hey Tito
How Lucky Am I?
I Can Always Rely On You To Let Me Down
I Didn't Get Where I Am Today
In The Club Or In The Queue
Jack And Jill
Little Black Dress
Living Legends
Love And War
Love Letters
Love Your Enemy
Mid-Life Crisis
Nu Sleaze
Nearly But Not Quite*
Oh Dear
Once Upon A Time*
Only Love
Playing In The Streets
Private Places*
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Tall Thin Men
Telegraph Boy
The Night I Met Eminem
The Postman, He Delivers
Unbelievable Scenes
What Would I Know?
Yes In A No Kind Of Way
You've Got To Start Somewhere

Re: Unreleased Pet Shop Boys

Try downloading Winmx at

Re: Unreleased Pet Shop Boys

Hi...I have demo copies of several of these...if you would like copies (not for resale) then please let me know...Neil J

Re: Unreleased Pet Shop Boys

Which ones do you have Neil?