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Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Yes Frank.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

I can't view this in work to see how good it is, but this link has a timeline for the new Admiral building construction

They will begin moving staff in sometime during this autumn

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

The new Admiral building in Newport is in use now, although it looks like they are still completing a section to the east that seems like the right shape for retail or bars. I'm not sure what to make of it yet. On one level it does nicely carry forward the style of the railway station opposite, and it is tidier than the Travelodge it stands in front of. But it still feels to me like a big lump, facing flat on to the station. It almost creates a dead end feel as the shape does not lead the eye into town, or anywhere really. Maybe if it had been angled slightly, either the whole thing or as a decorate flourish at one end, then it may have worked better. As it is it has an element of the large wall that you bang your head against when frustrated. Just a thought.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Seeing what it replaced it is much better but i do get what you are saying, its just too much of a box. I think the idea though is that it directs people into town via Cambrian road, which makes the new station all the more unnecessary as its further away than the old one!

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

The Cardiff HQ must be the only building in living memory to actually look better in real life than its render.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Bit of insider knowledge for you. It was mentioned in the recent staff general meeting that Admiral did attempt to purchase the Rapport site to build the HQ, but could not agree a deal with the owners. I do wonder what was offered for the site and what the landowners actually wanted for it.

Also mentioned was the "green site" which was built on was originally planned for a mid-rise block of residential flats following the completion of SD2, however when the recession hit this was called off and the site was grassed over until it could be sold. Admiral were becoming frustrated with the negotiation over the rapport site and went with the current site once it became available.

Expected move in date is October 2014.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Aren't the owners of Rapport quite big land blockers? The site mentioned looks awful and they must know it, it's a real shame. It's surely even more of a prime site now?

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Move in date is now confirmed for last week in September, slightly ahead of schedule.

It will be a phased move over 13 weeks, and will involve moving 3000 people.

They are hoping to be finished with the move by Christmas.

Capital tower and the The Friary will be largely empty by Christmas.

Confused and the Law business will remain in their current locations in The Friary and Brunel House respectively. Everyone else is going in the new building. This is largely due to regulatory reasons as they are separate businesses.

In other news, Admiral have now started up the first comparison site in the USA serving Virginia and California with plans to move into other states. People in he US don't use comparison sites to buy financial products and services so there is a huge market there waiting to be tapped. Could take off in a big way and everyone is VERY excited about it.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Aren\'t the owners of Rapport quite big land blockers? The site mentioned looks awful and they must know it, it\'s a real shame. It\'s surely even more of a prime site now?

They seem to be land-bankers. I think I'm right in saying they also own the surface car-parks opposite Atrium.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

They are getting some income from both bits of land in the short-term (from the Rapport building and business and the car parks) which means they can probably avoid making rash decisions.

Neither sites are actually that prime though to be honest. The Adam Street site looks over the prison and what will be a building site for quite a w while (Capital Quarter). It may attract some more student housing, and could possibly be a location for further Glamorgan expansion in Cardiff. In some ways its a shame that the Cardiff and Vale college campus didn't go here.

And the Rapport site.. well, its a bit better. But its quite a big parcel of land and will probably need something mixed use to get it off the ground. Perhaps if Admiral need to expand, or if other firms want to base themselves nearby.. we could get some office demand. And perhaps at some point resi and hotel use could play a part.

The Land Securities site that was ultimately chosen by Admiral was actually probably a pretty hard sell. Why? Because of the great big ugly car park finished to a poor quality that sits right next to it. That would limit residential and hotel demand. So offices were probably the only way to go. And this meant they probably undercut what Rapport were willing to take, given that the Rapport site being a bit further away from the car park, is probably a bit more suitably to resi and hotel.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Anybody have any news on the flats that are supposed to go in the car park behind the chapel?

Can't remember where o saw pictures about it but I definitely saw pictures of a mid rise building.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

The only plans I can remember were for a hostel. I'm assuming you mean the site that had a church hall converted into a gym between the chapel and the oldish buildings on the south east corner of Charles Street? That was about 6 years ago and nothing has happened.

That tends to support RC's comments that this part of the city is not prime and why Rapport are happy to use the land as a surface car park which no doubt brings in a decent income whilst they wait for an upturn in land values.

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Is this what you're on about?

This is what I saw

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Maybe 3/4 floors higher, a few commercial units on ground floor, maybe like an extension of Barack Lane and it can be a pincer movement on the Rapport site. Then rebuild Motorpoint Arena and put 35+ tower (with obligatory roof top bar and restaurant) where Harlech Court is and then you've got me where I live!!!!!

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

Wasn't that site going to be a YHA youth hostel at one point? They've struggled to make up their minds about a more central location in Cardiff for years. First this, now the Coal Exchange.. etc..

Re: Admiral HQ progress photos

To return to the Newport Admiral building, here is some info on the planned mixed use scheme anchored by Admiral, called Station Quarter:

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