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Re: 1930 Box saloon, short wheel base

We owned this car, for more details you can call me 07779 020408

Re: 1930 Box saloon, short wheel base

HY reg then very likely to be unrelated to car as if it was supplied in Surrey would have had a Surrey reg

Re: 1930 Box saloon, short wheel base

Purley would have probably been PL ****. Mine is!

Location: Buxted, East Sussex

Re: 1930 Box saloon, short wheel base

Carr's may not have had the car direct from the Austin Distributor (The process to an end user/garage was not direct from Austin's), Carr's may have had the vehicle as a trade-in and then badged it - much the same as retailers now put on their own badged number plates.

There's many a pitfall in something that is absolutely standard......

At a recent rally I attended there were 15 RP's, not one identical to another.

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