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Re: Re: Book's Up

Thanks, there in Denver, glad you enjoyed the adventure. Body parts for sale? All depends on who is running the show, and if they can identify compatable parts for the buyers.

Just a few weeks ago (two years after The Recovery was written) there was a news leak about China selling body parts from condemned prisoners. Guess it offsets part of the cost of incarceration. Most people don't know This has been going on for several years, ever since they figured out how to transplant, and charge an arm & a leg (no pun intended)for the operation.

The donor-prisoners are put under deep anesthesia and the parts removed while they are alive. Eyes, kidneys, legs, hearts, whatever the market demands that day. Nice, fresh spare parts for the receivers. If there isn't a matching donor for the parts required, well, all they need is another criminal with the proper DNA. "Ain't got a prisoner? ...Go GET one!!" No rushing the parts by plane from one part of the country to another 'cause the "doner" and purchaser are in the same operating room. Then the "donor" just slips on over into the next world after another shot of anesthesia. Fairly efficient, in a cold-blooded way, when you think about it I guess.

It is reported the Chinese government makes a lot of money with this scheme. Rich dudes from all over Asia ordering parts, and the Chinese Army delivering. Supply and demand. Who says governments aren't concerned with profit?

Complaints about this are received the same way as any other complaint about what the Chinese (or any other) government does. "Besides," they say, "it's more humane to put the prisoner under anesthesia from which they never wake up than to have them face a firing squad or a hangman's noose!" Maybe they got a point, I don't know.

By the way, are you aware that your Congress and Senate very narowly defeated a law last year that would have created a national database of what your particular DNA, blood and marrow was compatable with? A database kind of like the one required for parts sales.

Now tell me once again how the mention of criminals, ruling the government and helping themselves to citizen's body parts in "The Recovery, An Adventure Novel" is fantasy !

In fact, you might want to visit for more information. And, ... You just might want to tighten up your firewall and shut down all cookies before you dial in. They may be monitored by somebody you don't want to meet! Thanks for the visit, and I'm glad you enjoyed the adventure.

The Old Man.

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Old Man i bought the recovery. very good! but can't agree with some of it. like, crooks "legally" selling body parts from the citizens? come on! otherwise, very good. very, very good.

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Hello, and thanks for the enquiry. "The Recovery" is now available on-line at (keyword=lawton)or there is a quick-click at the above website. If you'd like to see a preview and the pre-publication reviews, they are at my original website, click on "The Recovery". Thanks and I hope you enjoy the story. The Old Man

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Replying to Original Article:

Hi, nice website. I read chap-1 of the recovery, and went to the hyperlink to buy it but it was not yet for sale. It was on their "soon" list, though... How soon?